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About Us

Welcome to Saburo’s

Family-owned and operated, the hole in the wall setting at this quaint Sellwood cornerstone evokes the tiny local sushi bar of Tokyo. Saburo’s restaurant was built on founder Saburo Nakajima’s vision which include a kitchen providing exciting and wonderful food both generous and affordable to all.


The restaurant rely on the talents of many, from our amazing chefs, through the entire staffs who contribute so much of themselves everyday. We continually strive to produce original and wonderful food, to value and respect each other, and the people we serve. Spreading the kind of community we want to have take hold in the world.

Since our opening in 1988, we continually strive to provide consistently fresh, innovative , healthy food using only the freshest ingredients available featuring Japanese dishes both traditional and contemporary, including a wonderful selection of appetizers, salads, sushi , teriyaki and more.

We also have a good fortune in possession of an extraordinary artwork commissioned by an innovative artist and passionate activist , known for championing mural in the Portland, Oregon. Mr. Joseph R Cotter Jr on displayed at one of our dinning room. Please visit www.artbackmural.com to see more of his work.

About Us
About Us
About Us